ViBE delivers unprecedented VPN performance and value-add opportunities to the VoIP and ISP sectors especially in markets where last mile bandwidth can be unreliable and relatively expensive. By managing voice and data traffic to a byte level rather than simply a packet level ViBE is able to fully optimise the bandwidth available AND provide full QoS on the link such that all calls are given the highest priority AND with business grade quality. ViBE is simple to deploy and is an all-in-one solution that includes highly featured bonding functionality, MPLS type deployment scenarios, is available in NAT and no-NAT installations and conforms to the highest routing protocols. 

In G.729 codec environments it is possible to get throughput on VoIP telephone calls with 1/5 the bandwidth normally consumes with this codec. This means convergence is a reality and a business can now safely combine voice and data on the same link with a guaranteed service provision. Furthermore RAIN mode allows for a duplicate link to be set-up and managed to provide active redundancy for all traffic. 

ViBE’s real-time, centralised management interface enables ISP’s and VoIP providers to get real time access and statistics on all customer links and backed up with SNMP this information can be historically reported and the best advice and troubleshooting information provided to clients. 

ViBE is costed on the number of concurrent RTP streams which provides a significant opportunity for VoIP providers and ISP’s to value-add services available from ViBE at no additional cost. 

Enquire today as to how you can start providing ViBE to your customers and get information on set-up costs and our Partner Program. 




Saturday, February 22, 2020

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